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The Ecology of Awakening is an invitation to remember our natural inheritance as an intricate part of the larger unfolding web of life. The opportunity is to begin to shift our center of gravity: out of what is conditioned and separate into what is ever becoming and connected to all life. Through intimate and conscious encounters – with each other, our own inner impulses and with the larger earth community, we will learn to listen and respond to the way life continually evokes us forward. By re-remembering our place within the unfolding fabric, we support our ability to live in a more conscious and mutually enhancing way with all life.
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Through the EOL journey, you will reconnect with your heart and the natural world, become a more grounded and effective leader, and transform your “inner ecology” to cultivate positive changes in your life and community.
IMGP5103For many, nature-sourced leadership becomes a new way of thinking and being. The process of cultivating our leadership capacity is an adventure, full of opportunity, challenge and possibility. The Ecology of Leadership gives you the tools to navigate this adventure and bring your leadership forward in the world, supported by a powerful alliance with the natural world and a community of other leaders.
EOL workshops are geared toward change-agents, nonprofit and community leaders, people in personal or professional transition.

Are you ready to build a more meaningful relationship with the earth, your community and yourself – and make clear your role as a community member and an integral part of the natural world? The Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness (RDNA) program is an advanced 9-month program that extends hands-on, skill based training to help you develop the leadership skills you need to bring sustainability and regenerative practices into your personal and professional lives. Through RDNA, you can learn to design powerful communities, regenerate ecosystems and facilitate positive community change.
Using the teachings of regenerative design, nature awareness, 8 Shields Culture Mentoring and the Ecology of Leadership, RDNA offers a comprehensive exploration of where we came from, where we are now and where we are going.Our instructors are fully engaged visionaries working in regenerative design, nature awareness, cultural mentoring and leadership. They bring the tools they have gathered through years of experience, working locally and around the world, to create resilient leaders, cultural systems and landscapes. They weave these tools together into the dynamic and lifestyle that makes up the RDNA program.

Permaculture design course
IMGP4871Are you looking for an empowering and sustainable way to create change in yourself, the land you live on, and your community?
Permaculture is a design science rooted in the observation of natural systems. The principles of permaculture teach us how to design ways of living that have the stability and resiliency of natural ecosystems — they show us positive solutions for creating and managing systems for food, medicine, and building materials, as well as relationships with ourselves,  animals, and our communities. Permaculture always keeps in sight three ethics: care of Earth, care of people, and sharing surplus.
We have solutions that are available on any scale, and we can make a change that will reach out to future generations.

Plant world
California is a land of extremes; with the highest peak in the continental U.S (Mt. Whitney 14,494’ in the Sierras) towering over the lowest point (at Badwater Basin -282’ in the Mohave Desert). And while the deserts of Southern California regularly top the chart as the hottest/driest place in the U.S (some areas receiving less than 3 inches of annual rainfall), the Northwest California temperate rainforest often receives an astounding 120 inches or more! Such climatic and topographical variation yields one of the most floristically diverse regions to be found in North America. In addition, due to its profuse endowment of natural resources, the territory now known as California also supported one of the most densely concentrated and culturally diverse indigenous populations in the Western U.S. For thousands of years these peoples relied primarily on the region’s plants for much of their food, medicine, and utilitarian needs. Fortunately some of this plant knowledge has been retained, and the combination of both plant and ethnic diversity sets California apart as a virtual treasure trove for any aspiring edible/medicinal plant enthusiast!
Join us on this yearlong journey of discovery as we follow the plants through the seasons while learning about their many historical and contemporary uses. Class will meet one weekend per month (Friday evening–Sunday) for a total of 12 months. The late-March, July, and August classes will be extended to 4-day sessions and will take place at various locations throughout the state.

For thousands of years we have been guided by the wise elders of the village. This program provides a vibrant safe circle for people to come together to explore how your next stage of life will be the opportunity for you to blend our inner and outer worlds and explore the ancient wisdom journey.

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